Savebucks - Earl E Bird is my name, fixed annuities are your gain

I love fixed annuities! For over 20 years I have sold or marketed this savings vehicle and still think it works in your nest egg. Take it from me, Earl E. Bird, fixed annuities have saved millions of nest eggs from other temptations like money market accounts or the losses of a growth fund.

Surprised? Well don’t be. Earl E. Bird is here to save the day. I want to be used as a fixed annuity resource for the American consumer like you. Americans need a consumer-friendly annuity product source, right? They need to know the products to consider and to avoid, and the product features that are valuable, and not so valuable.

Did you know that at one time a fixed annuity was a frowned upon savings tool that most financial planners didn’t bother to sell? Boy times have changed! Now annuities are financial advisors’ product of choice. We no longer have life insurance agents but instead annuity salesmen. This occurred because annuities are hassle-free transactions for agents. Any healthy or unhealthy person can be a client as long as they have a lump sum to invest. Because of this, the once sleepy product known as fixed annuities is now being sold to too many unsuitable Americans.

No worries! Earl E. Bird is here to help. So follow me! It will be a useful and educational experience.

For starters, here are some simple fixed annuity benefits:

  1. Tax-deferral allows you to push off taxes on interest until funds are withdrawn. Many seniors purchased a fixed annuity for the sole purpose to push off the tax bill to their beneficiaries.
  2. I love the minimum interest guarantees. No bank CD can guarantee that you will never earn less than 2% on your money.
  3. Annuity contracts have many untold benefits and guarantees. Bet you didn’t know that all contracts have minimum income payouts too. Annuity contracts are gold!
  4. For your retirement nest egg, a fixed annuity also offers you 10% free-withdrawals if necessary. It’s a nice way to move your funds around annually, however I’m never a fan of spending a nest egg prematurely.

Well folks, this has been fun. I could list many other benefits but I’ll save that for another day.

Come back and see me again. I’ll have new tips and information every week. After all, saving your nest egg is just the business I’m in. Earl E. Bird is my name and fixed annuities is your gain!


Earl E Bird

I'm Earl E. Bird and I am very concerned about saving for my senior years. I am amazed at the stumbling blocks that exist when saving for retirement. That's why I take my time when making decisions on building my nest egg.

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