Fixed Annuity to the Rescue -

Welcome back! Earl E. Bird here with some more tales from the world of fixed annuities.

Fixed annuities are my passion. So when a client shows gratitude after taking my advice its the best feeling a bird could have. In fact, it makes me want to take flight!

This recently happened when I was overcome by joy from a clients feelings of thanks while I visited with her last month. It seems that several years ago I convinced her to purchase a fixed annuity instead of the mutual funds her son had recommended. Yes I said the “M” word!

What’s interesting was that she never mentioned the fantastic rate she’s still earning. After all, fixed annuities are the gift that keeps on giving. She noted how the “retirement” title of the annuity kept her from spending the funds.

So what would have happened if she invested her funds elsewhere, you ask?

“My nest egg would be cracked!” she stated.

The moral of the story is – Interest yield takes a back seat to the true benefits of a good fixed annuity.

Remember we are responsible for securing our nest egg from scrapes and cracks!

The key to saving is not the yield you earn, it’s the money you put away for that rainy day.  And for your nest egg to grow much, please make sure you do not touch…

Earl E Bird

I'm Earl E. Bird and I am very concerned about saving for my senior years. I am amazed at the stumbling blocks that exist when saving for retirement. That's why I take my time when making decisions on building my nest egg.

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